Why Donate?

In A Nutshell

Donate to satisfy my need for:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Education
  • Inspiration etc.

Donate so I can attend to:

  • My personal responsibilities
  • My Work
    • Focusing on it rather than myself
    • Sustaining it
    • Growing in breadth and depth
    • Consider the immeasurable impact of:
      • Business opportunities created
        • The benefit to individuals
        • The benefit to social intervention organizations that are free to leverage them for:
          • The sustainability of their organization
          • The empowerment of their beneficiaries
        • The implications on social issues notably:
          • Employment
          • Crime and Violence, especially:
            • Crimes of utility e.g. robbery
            • Victims of emotional prisons e.g. domestic and sexual abuse
            • The promise of improved efficacy of rehabilitation and more specifically reintegration efforts through deeper understanding.
      • Consider the (for-progress) organizational model being implemented
        • The shift of focus from profit to social progress
        • The implication of this shift on physical and mental health and fulfillment
      • Consider the cultural norms being challenged
        • The re-prioritization of people and social progress as the fundamental social value.
        • The promise of benefit to you. See “Why Bother

More About What You’re Donating To

Donations make everything possible from putting food on the table (which has sort of a direct relationship with me being alive), to a slightly less direct but still integral role in me being able to think and create as I do here 🙂

Speaking of thinking, books, papers, films, digital resources, subscriptions, conferences/workshops/courses and support for similar donation-based creators, has a dircet role in informing my thoughts and all carry a cost.

These are all resources for education and sources of inspiration but education and inspiration is only partly had from them. Real world experiences have been and continue to be my main teacher. Everything from gas money to get here I want to go, to entrance fees and the cost of purchases to keep my favourite places open, require money.

Socializing too is important but not only for pleasure or education but for necessary balance in mental health, considering the brain is full throttle all the time as a thinker and educator. But in addition to mental health, there’s physical. There’s also familial responsibilities. These are all routine — ongoing — costs but the further development of my work necessitates, for instance, that I travel.

I need to see and understand how other peoples and cultures live. I need to examine the thread that runs through various societies and to engage with other thinkers to fully realize my latent possibilities and to offer of myself what can to help them realize theirs. But this is only part of it.

There’s already a roster of more than fifty projects, all of which are free, open and collaborative. One of my considerations with each project is sustainability. But rather than sustainability where I and my efforts are concerned, I’ve chosen to focus on the self-sustainability of the project concept. I’ve chosen to invest my energy instead in creating business opportunities from these projects  that positions advocates say with confidence that, “this project can rival the financial security offered by any illicit activity that currently supports you.” That goes for everything from drug dealing to prostitution. It goes for the support persons depend on that keeps them in volatile circumstances as well e.g. an abusive relationship.

But to make my efforts sustainable, I need monetary support.

Future Plans

Ervin & Company’s work falls into two major forms:

  1. Education which culminates in Provitman University (See Projects Page) and
  2. Programmes that afford individuals an opportunity to develop enterprises out of them

Work currently being done and which is available here feeds into these forms where, for instance, Mental Notes will be fleshed out into audio-visual lessons with Study Notes that feed into learning pathways. Rhythmic Thoughts, phase 1 is complete with the publication of over fifty pieces that can be used for commercial benefit and many more are being refined for upload with many more having since been created.

These take time which requires concentration on the work, not the self i.e. concerning myself with self-maintenance but it also requires funds to develop these projects further.

Still, this is not even the half. I’ve questioned why if we have joint accounts with our partner and with family, why we don’t have these with our community. Ervin & Company is so designed. It’s funds will be used for intra-organizational work which is already community work but will also include:

  1. Funding new ideas projects in-house.
  2. Grants for community projects by others e.g. an annual idea pitching opportunity. (One iteration was already held in 2015, from personal funds)
  3. Funding in kind and in cash support for causes adopted.
  4. Stipends for contractors.
  5. Eventual staffing of a core team.

The Big Why

The overarching benefit of making a donation is giving necessary support to a collection of efforts that challenge the very way it is. All people who directly and even indirectly benefit from these projects in immeasurable but tangible ways, doesn’t compare to how you will aid me in my resolution to demonstrate what truly unconditional love is — giving self without limits and without expectation.