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Mental Notes are, as the name suggests, thoughts that have been mentally recorded for further consideration. These thoughts are on the myriad of subjects I explore. The Podcast library contains these recordings, made in the moment as my thoughts unfold. Written notes along with the recordings are published here in their respective categories. I also share my thoughts, brief and in the moment via WhatsApp. See statuses shared here as well and get in touch to see updates as I make them (see “WhatsApp Connect” below).


Thoughts on an array of subjects about life, recorded in the moment and uploaded with little if any editing. Ignore the ambient noises, pull up a seat next to me and listen as my thoughts unfold. I’m Ervin Welsh, a mere student of Life, and this is a virtually unfiltered look at what’s going on upstairs.

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I’m resolved to erect only as few barriers as I absolutely need to in life. I don’t want to have a “circle” like we build. Mi Casa es su casa. Take my number, save it, use it. Send me your number and I’ll add you to my phone where you’ll be able to get WhatsApp Status updates as I share them. See below what I’ve shared. Feel free to download and share. (See on Pinterest)

My number (currently WhatsApp accessible only) is 1(869)762-4650.


So many thoughts, some I don’t capture but those I do, I do as recordings or I pen and paper. WhatsApp statuses are often shared from those I wrote but they’re just a few. I publish other mental notes here and some I refine over time (considering they’re just notes to which I must return) and I eventually post here.

Essays and articles, books and longer works aside, the majority of my content is mental notes. See what I’ve noted.

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