Be Still

Be still. Look inside. Breathe in, realize you’ve got everything one could want; man oh man what a life...


Brave Ones

Wrong-righting Ammunition-biting, For love fighting Differing view inviting. Shit storm weather-er Status-quo won't accept-er, Truth represent-er Upon you can depend-er. First responder Lover not a loy-er Giver not a lender Family not no friend, nah! Ah beast An officer of the peace Un catalyseur Fiat justitia, Ruat caelum, New way of being, New days will … Continue reading Brave Ones

Primary Reason

Listen: Primary Reason Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh In primary school you were told not to work for stars, rather understanding. Now standing here, older, you’re told to pause everything and go overseas; Get a degree, secure a Plan B! Get a degree in anything. Preferably refer law or medicine. [Break] Isn’t that for … Continue reading Primary Reason