The Divine Economy

Time is the divine's economy, which currency do you spend? Freedom of choice which source to meet your ends. There's love and of course there is indifference, Both currencies spend, it’s all about the issuers. Do you work in love, gift-giving and gifts get? Do you ascribe worth what’s ours at birth and decide who … Continue reading The Divine Economy



If "payday" is the only day you get paid you're being short changed. Ask those who pursue purpose about the benefit and bonus of just working in the moment. Ask about their vaca-modus and compare with the relief most feel when the work week is over. It’s making or way to goals, not goals themselves … Continue reading Payday.

Brave Ones

Wrong-righting Ammunition-biting, For love fighting Differing view inviting. Shit storm weather-er Status-quo won't accept-er, Truth represent-er Upon you can depend-er. First responder Lover not a loy-er Giver not a lender Family not no friend, nah! Ah beast An officer of the peace Un catalyseur Fiat justitia, Ruat caelum, New way of being, New days will … Continue reading Brave Ones

Primary Reason

Listen: Primary Reason Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh In primary school you were told not to work for stars, rather understanding. Now standing here, older, you’re told to pause everything and go overseas; Get a degree, secure a Plan B! Get a degree in anything. Preferably refer law or medicine. [Break] Isn’t that for … Continue reading Primary Reason

Pursuit of Happiness

Listen: Pursuit of Happiness Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh That we were created to be happy is an interesting concept. If we weren't created we wouldn't worry about happiness. Death is the only thing guaranteed in this world So I doubt your concept’s correct I got one accurater. [Break] We're here for a reason. … Continue reading Pursuit of Happiness

From Roots to Fruits

Listen: From Roots to Fruits Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh They asked him his name, He shouted, “It’s Kunta Kinte!” like a warrior’s call to sound the drums... Instead, he got the beating! They couldn’t understand him. They’d end the whipping if he’d say the name they gave him. Some said he’d be free... … Continue reading From Roots to Fruits