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Neither poetry nor prose, Rhythmic Thoughts is creative writing concerned more with the message than (established standards for different genres of) artistry. Rhythmic Thoughts is a catalog of the Intellectual Property of Ervin Welsh; one for personal and commercial use, free of cost.

About Rhythmic Thoughts

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This section gives a brief overview of:

  1. What Rhythmic Thoughts are and
  2. Why I created such a catalog

Rhythmic Thoughts Are:

  • Rhythmic Thoughts are not written to be read so samples are included so the rhythm/flow to which it was written in my head can be heard.
  • Rhythmic Thoughts are written to be performed in everyway from a spoken-word/dub-poetry/performance poetry style to dramatizations and being sung.
  • In some ways, Rhythmic Thoughts are more lyrics than poetry or prose.
  • Though musical, they are mostly not written with choruses or the trimmings songs usually are. They are literally my thoughts on various subjects, some my understanding of other people’s views (noting understanding is my focus).
  • I am most interested in a powerful message so any suggestions on how to improve my work are invited. I will update pieces from time to time.

Why Create a Catalog

I don’t see the job we do as our contribution to community. It’s one contribution but not the only contribution we ought to make. While we do not all have the same skills or talents we, very often, have something to contribute to areas other than the one we’re employed in. I’m not an artiste by profession and being one is not an aspiration but the capacity to create is part of the dynamic, complex, person I am and we all have some level of dynamism that carries innate value.

Just writing the pieces I have penned is intrinsically valuable. There are persons with the ability to sing better than I, who can take what I’ve written and belt it in a way that gives it life like I can’t. Having this done is rewarding in and of itself (both personally and intrinsically). This is the reward of work, work done — the ability to listen to those impactful words powerfully sung. I’m not concerned with the reward of jobs i.e. payment in cash or the like. I won’t limit the creation of intrinsic value by restricting use of my work to those who can pay to do so. I don’t intend to circle the globe performing my pieces though I will do some performing. Those so inclined can use my work to create the value before-described and earn an income doing so, considering this is currently a necessary part of our reality.

While I can pursue profit from a myriad of areas — rent so to speak for my intellectual “property”[1] — and earn a fortune doing so, I’ve decided instead to release my work for both personal and commercial use, the latter with particular interest in those who do not have the luxury of skills/talents/abilities similarly valued. I’m blessed to have a multitude of proficiencies valued in many societies and more importantly in the society in which I live. Add to this the blessing in the fact such work can be engaged, produced and delivered remotely, making opportunities vastly broader.

This catalog, in conjunction with strategically executed capacity building efforts like training in design, sales and marketing, social media management, photography and cinematography, print and packaging, etc. can create an avenue wherein persons do not just have the skills to run a business but offerings that would be in demand.
One of my areas of work was entrepreneurship development. A constant focus of entities funding such training programmes throughout the region and beyond, was creativity. Persons were being challenged to be creative in conceptualizing enterprises when already challenged by entrepreneurship as a new idea. As a result, much of what participants conceptualized in those programmes weren’t particularly creative, though sufficient for demonstrating their understanding and being built upon.

The Rhythmic Thoughts catalog offers a growing collection of material for development in entrepreneurial ventures. Most exciting is it’s not as with physical products where one either is able to sell what is available or isn’t. The catalog serves as an idea prompt for those[2] with the creativity to build out the material within into events, albums, written compilations, musical tracks, videos, theatre productions, paraphernalia and more. These opportunities in enterprise are expounded upon in the section so titled.


  1. I do not believe in the intellectual property concept. While I can see some utility in some of its implements, it is primarily a tool of economic value (not intrinsic value) and constricts the realization of intrinsic value. See Welsh, Ervin. (2017, February 06). It’s Not Mine Or Yours, It’s Ours. [It’s not my right to sell what I don’t own.]
  2. “Those” to whom I refer are both creative individuals taking advantage of the opportunity individually or as a beneficiary of an organization, and the organizations themselves — developing creative enterprises for the benefit of beneficiaries. More on the latter in the “Opportunities in Advocacy” section. (See Rhythmic Thoughts Magazine 2017)

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What Are Rhythmic Thoughts?

One definition seen for poetry was the best words in their best order. One seen for prose was words in their best order. In either case, the words (their style and delivery) was the focus. In my work, the thoughts being communicated are my focus. For this reason I call my work “Rhythmic Thoughts”.

I’m not concerned with the artistry that defines poetry, the standards that judge prose or judge any other art form for that matter. My thoughts (as I think them) and consequently write them, have a certain musicality. This harmony (or relationship) believe it or not, is how I relate with most things in life and consequently how I communicate everything from said thoughts, to essays and books. “Rhythmic Thoughts” are literally rhythmic thoughts. Yes, I outdid myself with the creative naming there, ha ha ha. But what Rhythmic Thoughts are is one thing; what I’m doing with them is another out of the norm story.

Before I go there, note that while poetry, for instance, is committed to some concept of “best” as a measurement of artistry (in communicating a message), I’m not committed to any style or delivery and therefore no such “best”. What guides my work, when refining my pieces, is ensuring the style and delivery employed communicates the message to the receiver. This ultimately demands different styles for different audiences. Not only do I accept this, I prefer it be the case.

See History of why Free


Why Free for Personal and Commercial Use

I love Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley’s music but from it, I consumed what I was unaware were some of his father Bob’s lyrics. My appreciation for Bob’s music (later explored) led me to consume what I wasn’t even aware were thoughts from other sources. Take for example Bob Marley’s song “War”, “The lyrics are almost literally derived from a speech made by Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I before the United Nations General Assembly in 1963.” (pajuxy, 2017)

I am not a lover of Reggae though I appreciate it. More the Dancehall fan, I gravitated to Jr. Gong’s music but what carried throughout was the message, despite the difference in genre and unique content. This realization was among experiences that shape my view of the artistic work we create as mediums that serve a message rather than the tendency to judge content by style and delivery as qualified against an established way of doing things.

In addition to Damian Marley’s music, I love Kanye West’s and Lupe Fiasco’s music, among others. Kanye’s references to Emmett Till and private prisons, for instance, introduced me to subjects I was previously unaware of. The stories these three artistes delivered (in their respective genres), gave me insight into the harsh realities of a life I was lucky not to have lived but have and continue to eagerly pursue an understanding of — as is necessary for my social impact work. While many fans argue Kanye and Lupe have changed, they continue to communicate comparably valuable content (for me) to what they did prior. In their music there have been tremendous differences from content to style but when mining for the insights I have been, there is not so significant a change that I consider it worthy of complaint.
My taste in music is evolving. I’m a Soca junkie nowadays (that’s a personal preference unrelated to the type of value I extracted from other genres). Who knows what genre I’ll gravitate to tomorrow? My preferences as an individual have changed and the preferences of others vary. I may never have come across some of the content that I did or may have only later in life come across it, had it not been for the style and delivery that suit me at that period in my life and which I found, for instance, in Damian Marley’s music (noting, as relates to his example, Reggae music was not my thing).

It’s because of this desire to be accessible why I allow derivative works to be created from mine. My work being used in the work of others or inspiring the work of others is a welcomed reality that I won’t restrict or mount a barrier to with royalty fees. This is why I decided to create a catalog for personal as well as commercial use.


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