How I Make Money

I’ve been getting the question “how do you make money?” for a decade now. But my answer a decade earlier was much simpler than today. Back then, I didn’t make money from Positively Inclined (as it was called), I funded my work through Positively Inclined by way of my brand design consultancy business which went by the name I of the website I now use, “Beyond Timeless”.

By contrast, today’s answer is I don’t make money full stop. I decided to make my work available for free and to rely on voluntary donations (that may or may not come). To be honest, for the near two years (July 2016 – May 2018, as at this writing) that I’ve chosen this path, I’ve had fewer than few donations.

I’ve benefited from the support of a close community of “like-family” and close relatives to meet my responsibilities. It’s quite the adjustment for an independent person like myself but one I’ve sacrificed for a way of life I genuinely believe we ought to live and have put my money where my mouth is. I don’t believe we should buy and sell with each other, I believe we should gift each other.[1]

I haven’t rejected money. I’m not trying to live a life without it.[2] I have decided not to put a price on my work and to have faith in others that they’ll willingly contribute as they would have paid had I charged for it.

Note: People tend to confuse not doing work for pay (having a job) with not working. I do more work than jobs can legally require and have more work on my plate than I can complete in my lifetime. I work. I’ve chosen not to put a price on it.

There are many models like mine. Crowd finding is what it is in essence. But I have my own issues on a philosophical level with crowd funding as it currently works, as well as other methods. These I’ll expound on in future.

But to the question of how I make money, I do when persons choose to contribute.

To the question of why donate, help me help you…

  1. Learn more about my work
  2. Learn about how my work benefits you