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De Taxi Stand


Format: Event
Status: TBD
Desc. Updated:
May 02 2018
Link: Current Page

A platform for creative expression. This regularly held stage show will serve as a medium through which those honing their craft at De Taxi Stand can put that craft into practice.



De Taxi Stand



Format: Event
Status: In Progress (Held Weekly)
Desc. Updated:
Link: Current Page

Regularly held creative development meetups for poets, lyricists and writers. Whether writing for leisure, an amateur or aspiring artiste, sessions are open. Crafting thought and delivery are our areas of focus.

About Workshop

See Event Format

Event Format:

This section explains what to expect at De Taxi Stand Workshop.


  1. Role Call
    • Participants register their presence.
    • Guests sign up for future contact (optional).
  2. The Warmup
    • Icebreaker to get things going.
  3. The Watch Word
    • A word prompt given for participants to consider during the event.
      • We’re doing a series on literary devices to ensure we’re all well acquainted with the devices we use and can have a fluent conversation about them.
    • Using the watch word in the case of the series mentioned, entails employing the day’s literary device e.g.
      • The watch word is given along with supporting context e.g. metaphor:
        • “a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.” example metaphor:
          ““I had fallen through a trapdoor of depression,” said Mark, who was fond of theatrical metaphors” (via Oxford Dictionaries)
      • Metaphors would then be encouraged for use in the main challenge (see below).
      • Note: Using the watch word is encouraged but not mandatory since we would not want it to compromise the work otherwise being done.
  4. De Big Trip
    • This is the main challenge and is either writing– or delivery-based.
    • Duration is typically 20 minutes but varies with challenge type.
    • The main challenge is meant to draw out capacity from participants, pushing them to:
      • Write:
        • About what they do not usually write
        • How they do not usually write
        • Faster than they usually write
        • Craft/refine their work faster than usual
      • Perform:
        • At the extents of their comfort zone
        • Challenge them to become more versatile
      • Generally:
        • Expand their range of strengths
        • Be inspired o push harder as they see development in peers.

See Activities section for details about activities held.

  1. Water Cooler Critiques
    • Work coming out of De Big Trip is presented.
    • Participants share their views on other’s work.
    • Participants share their thought process for the work presented.
    • See more about what critiquing entails in the Fine-tuning section.
  2. Pop the Hood
    • Participants bring pieces they’ve been working on.
    • Pieces are presented and general and/or specific feedback is invited by the participant so as to be able to extract as much value as possible.
    • Ideas may be solicited for:
      • Direction
      • Revision
      • Completion
      • Interpretations, etc.
  3. Fine-tuning
    • Following individual presentations immediately above, and pieces and their performance are critiqued with regard to:
      • Creativity
      • Clarity
      • Style as thought most fit for the piece based on its content.
      • Style as relates to the creative.
      • Authenticity:
        • Do the words chosen sound authentic?
        • Does there seem to be unnecessary effort in
          • What is penned or
          • How it’s presented
        • Are the words used the creative’s words:
          • For example, are they natural or poetry specific. I, for example, tend to write everyone but when speaking I say everybody. If writing to deliver, I’d more likely use everybody because it’s natural, whereas I have to consciously make an effort to say “everyone”. For a rhyme/flow I may use everyone in a performance piece but the critique would highlight whether I’ve compromised the work (even a bit) by doing so whether it came across natural on this occasion.
          • Another example is the question of whether the need to paint a clear picture, confused with using, for example, “big words”.
            • This too is atrap I fell into. It’s important to keep clarity and size separate.
            • It’s important o consider familarity of words based on audience.
            • It calls for considering the nature of the piece being delivered and the ideal word choice for it.
    • N.B. As with market research, the most helpful feedback involves identifying what can help growth and refinement. “Positive” feedback involves both the things that were well done and the things that need to be revisited/refined. It’s not necessary that a participant offer both these types but it is important that the value of the latter be understood by all participants.
  4. Quick Runs
    • These are mini challenges and are either writing– or delivery-based.
    • Duration varies with the activity. They are typically anywhere from 2 – 20 minutes.
    • There are both individual and collaborative activities.
    • These challenges are meant to hone out specific skills e.g.
      • Impromptu develops quick thinking which is necessary for freestyles.
      • Passion Fruit (which is a delivery challenge) develops delivery skills — more specifically, voice variation and emotion.
  5. After Work Lime
    • Discussion is encouraged throughout the event but unplanned discussions in particular, have the potential to be a real source of inspiration. As a creative forum, this is something we foster. We let this happen organically (to a degree) during the course of other segments e.g. as critiques are made or as participants describe their inspiration.
    • The After Work Lime however, is a space just for this. Once scheduled activities have been completed, we open the space for a discussion of everything from art and craft (process); to what is of personal, national, regional or international importance; and more. As an event meant to foster thought and creativity, with an emphasis on the former, though oriented more so around the latter, thought being provoked is a must.
  6. Homeward Bound
    • We pack a lot into one session but to experience the sort of growth we want for our participants, and our participants want for themselves, the development work must continue past scheduled sessions. When we’re homeward bound, it doesn’t mean development is over. Participants carry home opportunities to further develop themselves.
    • Development opportunities vary in format but maintain the view to both writing and performance development.

See Guidelines


What We Expect
& What You Can Expect:

This section lays out:

  1. The guidelines participating in De Taxi Stand Workshops.
  2. What community members and guests are eligible for respectively.

The Basics:

  • Participants must be 18 years or older.
    • For any prospective participant younger than 18 years of age, their parents/guardians should contact us about participation.
  • There is the option for community membership and guest visits.
    • Community members are regulars who are committed to their development by way of regular, active work through De Taxi Stand.
    • Guests visit on occasion and are neither involved pursuit of De Taxi Stand Development Routes or in pursuit of developing in ongoing development by way of De Taxi Stand.
      • Guests are always welcome.
      • Participants can retain guest status for as long as they like.

De Taxi Stand Workshop is a creative development workshop so there is no audience; both guests and members are participants.

Other Notes:

  • Events are photographed.
    • Photos are used for review and promotion.
  • Performances, particularly those in the main and mini challenges, are video taped.
    • Videos are used for review internally and made available to the participant.
      • Videos may, on occasion, be used for promotional, external educational, and other purposes outside the workshop. These uses would be requested and approved by the participant(s) in question.

Benefits & Expectations:

All Participants:

  • Are expected to be on time.
  • Are to set their cellphone(s) to a profile that is inaudible to others.
  • Are to expect their work to be critiqued.
    • This cannot be opted out of.
  • Are to respectfully critique the work of fellow participants.
    • This does not require only good things be highlighted, on contrary, we encourage highlighting weaknesses in order to mitigate them. However, it does require critiques be constructive.
  • Get access to downloadable resources post session (where applicable/possible) e.g.
    • High resolution photos from the event.
    • Videos of one’s performance(s).

Community Members:

  • Get first preference for participating where time is a concern.
  • Are expected to indicate when not attending.
  • Are expected to attend a minimum of two meetings monthly.
  • Are expected to fulfill Homeward Bound development.
  • Get access to De Taxi Stand private Facebook Group.
  • Commit to being a part of the support system for the community.
  • Can pursue any of De Taxi Stand Development Routes. (Details to follow)
    • Do (at minimum) one judged piece within eight weeks of the last.
    • Progress is tracked by De Taxi Stand.
  • Commit to assisting with organizing events.
  • Commit to assisting with development of De Taxi Stand (on- and offline).
  • Are eligible to participate in and get preference for performing in De Taxi Stand Tents.
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