What is Good? What is God? Is God Good?

What is done need be done and what is not done leaves nothing undone; except in our conception of how things "should" be. Might we ask what our conceptions leave out? What are the unforeseeable implications of our presumable "better"? Is our "better" really better than what is? Or do we merely put greater distance between ourselves and calculable undesirable consequences, the more elaborate our conceptions, and claim they're closer to perfection?

Lady Liberty

Uncultivated love — Lady Liberty.Free from lofty ideals and romantic fantasies.Wordlessly teaching,She embodies humanity's primal features.Emulate her and you'll understand,There's no attaining what we all already have.Impetuous love is ours to give;We know all too well it's ours to constrict.But she, my lady, is gracious and honest.She feels no obligation, has no reasons and gives … Continue reading Lady Liberty

Pursuit of Happiness

Listen: https://audiomack.com/song/ervinwelsh/pursuit-of-happiness-sample-20170108 Pursuit of Happiness Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh That we were created to be happy is an interesting concept. If we weren't created we wouldn't worry about happiness. Death is the only thing guaranteed in this world So I doubt your concept’s correct I got one accurater. [Break] We're here for a reason. … Continue reading Pursuit of Happiness

Stereotypes On Blast

Listen: https://audiomack.com/song/ervinwelsh/stereotypes-on-blast-sample-20161230 Stereotypes On Blast Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh Intelligence and ignorance correlate. They’re virtually impossible to separate. Intelligence, is in what you understand, But what’s understanding without application? They say, “White people can’t dance”, “Blacks have no class”, “Whites have no ass”, “Africa’s stuck in the past.” “Christianity’s the only way”. “Muslims kill … Continue reading Stereotypes On Blast