Don’t “take care of yourself first, before you take care of others”.


Powerless or Wilful?

😐 Sooo, you can do all things through God who strengthens you yet you're "powerless" to positively affect the lives of those he instructed you to love as thyself... 🙄 ☝️😌 Well, either you can't in fact do all things through God as the Good Book says or you can and do but God is … Continue reading Powerless or Wilful?

Good Doing or Undoing?

We exert exhausting effort to right the adverse impacts of "the way it is". We strive to help the underprivileged, the disadvantaged... the damaged. There's our food-feeding, clothing-donating, mid-incarceration counseling, there's even fundraising efforts, but all efforts focus on changing outcomes without actually changing "the way it is". While these are important, where are the … Continue reading Good Doing or Undoing?

What Would You Do If You Knew When Your Life Would End?

A lot of people passed away in the last three months — many unexpectedly. What would you be doing if you knew you wouldn’t see past the next three months? I mean, I know it’s hard to think considering the festive season is like a sedative, but when you go back to working (you know, … Continue reading What Would You Do If You Knew When Your Life Would End?

Pursuit of Happiness

Listen: Pursuit of Happiness Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh That we were created to be happy is an interesting concept. If we weren't created we wouldn't worry about happiness. Death is the only thing guaranteed in this world So I doubt your concept’s correct I got one accurater. [Break] We're here for a reason. … Continue reading Pursuit of Happiness

The Church Is A Disgrace, Just Like the Government

St. Kitts and Nevis, February 21, 2017 (Positively Inclined): In St. Kitts and Nevis there is a high level of pretense surrounding religion, pretense that is easily noticed by the disadvantaged population. The elder segment of this population accepts its socioeconomic position as “God’s will” and is comforted by the promise of reward in heaven. … Continue reading The Church Is A Disgrace, Just Like the Government