Study Notes on “How to Change the World Properly”

Overview Jordan Peterson's talk on How to Change the World — Properly — is one of the most powerful videos I've come across, laying out the modus operandi that needs to be adopted to see positive change achieved for the long-haul. I consider it Vital Food for Thought, leaving nothing to be desired as a … Continue reading Study Notes on “How to Change the World Properly”


Youth On Leadership. The Same Ole Lip.

There are a few young locals whose views, aims and efforts I respect. But while, en masse, youth grow more vocal in calling for their chance to steer the leader-ship — speaking of the vision youth would bring to it — most seem interested in the same two portfolios, the Ministry of Entertainment and the … Continue reading Youth On Leadership. The Same Ole Lip.

Good Doing or Undoing?

We exert exhausting effort to right the adverse impacts of "the way it is". We strive to help the underprivileged, the disadvantaged... the damaged. There's our food-feeding, clothing-donating, mid-incarceration counseling, there's even fundraising efforts, but all efforts focus on changing outcomes without actually changing "the way it is". While these are important, where are the … Continue reading Good Doing or Undoing?

For A Price

I was a facilitator in 2012 for an entrepreneurship and employability training programme. One of the pre-programme activities was a community walk-through where we engaged community members, shared details of the forthcoming opportunity, gauged interest, got commitments and encouraged people to spread the word. While canvassing, we came upon a young boy playing in the … Continue reading For A Price

Under Construction: Highway to He____

The future lives today as vividly on the pages of conceptual works as it will tomorrow, a world our five senses can perceive. Brilliant projections from inventive minds daring to create mentally what they had not yet experienced in the physical. The transition has already been made from think and ink, to piloting, of an … Continue reading Under Construction: Highway to He____

Thinking Outside the Box About Thinking Outside the Box

"Thinking outside the box", we say, is thinking differently. But is "the box" what's been done or how it's been done in a limited context? Or is there another degree of difference to be achieved if we let go of all the things we take for granted, all our assumptions and submissions that this or … Continue reading Thinking Outside the Box About Thinking Outside the Box

Fulfillment In the Finer Things (Part 3) – Differences

We spend so much time either trying to change people or begging them to say the same - the way we like. We need to give people room to breathe and see where in their transformation our likes and dislikes fall and embrace both so far as it doesn't compromise our values. There's something special … Continue reading Fulfillment In the Finer Things (Part 3) – Differences