Lady Liberty

Uncultivated love — Lady Liberty.Free from lofty ideals and romantic fantasies.Wordlessly teaching,She embodies humanity's primal features.Emulate her and you'll understand,There's no attaining what we all already have.Impetuous love is ours to give;We know all too well it's ours to constrict.But she, my lady, is gracious and honest.She feels no obligation, has no reasons and gives … Continue reading Lady Liberty

Who are you trying to convince?

For the last decade of my life, I thought I was talking to people who were stuck in a difficult place; people making choices as best they could from the understanding they had; people who couldn't see the adverse implications of those choices on the same ends they were trying to achieve… It's taken me this long to grasp that people aren't stuck. People are aware of the disparity between what they say and what they do but they no longer fight with their conscience about it — they decided it best to plant their feet right where they are.