Be Still

Be still. Look inside. Breathe in, realize you’ve got everything one could want; man oh man what a life...


Pursuit of Happiness

Listen: Pursuit of Happiness Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh That we were created to be happy is an interesting concept. If we weren't created we wouldn't worry about happiness. Death is the only thing guaranteed in this world So I doubt your concept’s correct I got one accurater. [Break] We're here for a reason. … Continue reading Pursuit of Happiness

Social Casualty Part II

Listen: Social Casualty Part II Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh Aahht Aahht Aahht Aahht Aahht Bump Bump. On the alert. BS detector ringing, you've got the nerve to impose your thoughts and not listen to mine first? Thought I taught you something but it seems you ain't learned. Hypocrisy's in the air and the … Continue reading Social Casualty Part II

High Potential Threat

Listen: High Potential Threat Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh I’m suffocating in my own potential. I'm just waiting, can't escape it, No debating, I know it's fatal. Partially blind to reality but I've got vision. Which appears as nightmares because they’re so distant. But I'm persistent but I need assistance. Trying to do it … Continue reading High Potential Threat

Under Armor

Listen: Under Armor Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh Long sleeve shirts, slacks and harders, Baggy socks, faded undergarments, God gifted undershirt - holey, Unbeknownst to those who behold me. An upside down rainbow in inclement weather. Chest to the heavens, braving unfavourable conditions. Obstacles before me, are stepping stones to me, If I thought … Continue reading Under Armor

Friendships With Benefits

Listen: Friendships With Benefits Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh “There’s no rush,” she said, “Ensure you really want this; I mean, you were just in a relationship.” And though I never felt the need to be involved, She drew to my attention that I always was. I sat back pondering, wondering why I felt … Continue reading Friendships With Benefits

The Untitled Piece

Listen: The Untitled Piece Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh Fuck it! [Break] Listening still? Or did I lose you at the expletive? Some won’t hear a word past it, Though my reasoning’s so sound I’ll start casting. Curse words! One more thing that divides us; Another difference or matter of preference Like race and … Continue reading The Untitled Piece