What was the one language and one speech the whole earth was of, in Genesis 11:1 (KJV)?

Answer = Grace


What was done on the first day of creation?

The Consensus: Light, day and night were created. My Opinion: Note: This page will be updated with more details. God created (and completed) the heaven and the earth. (Genesis 1:1, KJV) The earth, when completed, was formless and void. (Genesis 1:2, KJV) Light (which already existed) was called to the surface of the deep which … Continue reading What was done on the first day of creation?

What does Genesis 3 convey?

3:14 And the Judges said to them, because you have preoccupied yourself with knowledge, you will suffer more from it than do those who merely allow their observations to pass. Streams of consciousness will run through your mind and as your understanding increases, so will your hypotheses. And you will be consumed with the need to understand human nature.

What does “Dig A Hole to Put the Devil In” mean?

This is the title of a song that troubled me for a few years. First, it seemed not too meaningful. But in recent years, as I grew in understanding, it seemed even more strange because of my views on some of the key things it speaks of, mankind, money, nature and the Biblical message.After translating … Continue reading What does “Dig A Hole to Put the Devil In” mean?

Why was the Bible Compiled?

I believe the fundamental struggles the Bible comments on include: Superficial groupings e.g.Claims to be God's "chosen people""Family".Desire for material pleasures.The idea of a "personal relationship" with God.The idea of any single embodied being being the incarnation of God e.g. a man, an animal, a plant or a building.Inventions that supplant the way God operates … Continue reading Why was the Bible Compiled?