Dollars spent; where’s the change?

It's not figures with more commas than the average sentence that changes things. Dollar bills and coins bare the head of deceased individuals — no arms, no legs, no intentions. It's not them but us who make things happen; they are mere middlemen. They bare no power, not even potential. What they do however, is … Continue reading Dollars spent; where’s the change?


Risking Obscurity

Socrates didn't pen a word of his thoughts but his student Plato and Plato's student Aristotle made tremendous contributions to an array of subjects. I don't like making comparisons because people often focus on the example not the message but observations like this are the reason I focus on refining the substance of my thoughts, … Continue reading Risking Obscurity

Good Doing or Undoing?

We exert exhausting effort to right the adverse impacts of "the way it is". We strive to help the underprivileged, the disadvantaged... the damaged. There's our food-feeding, clothing-donating, mid-incarceration counseling, there's even fundraising efforts, but all efforts focus on changing outcomes without actually changing "the way it is". While these are important, where are the … Continue reading Good Doing or Undoing?

Rhythmic Thoughts Magazine 2017

Rhythmic Thoughts is a A Catalog of Intellectual Property Free for Personal and Commercial Use by Ervin Welsh. Rhythmic Thoughts Magazine is a publication that explores the opportunities in Rhythmic Thoughts' catalog of intellectual property. The content of the catalog is free for personal and commercial use (no royalty fees required) and is an opportunity … Continue reading Rhythmic Thoughts Magazine 2017

Paying Interest On the Principle of Self

Coordinating a week of activities that hosts events of varying demand was my preoccupation November 2015. I delight in the heavy-lifting necessary to put on such events and the reward of realizing objectives set in regard to them. Notwithstanding, it was toilsome. Heavy too was the cost it carried, self-funded as I had all previous … Continue reading Paying Interest On the Principle of Self

High Potential Threat

Listen: High Potential Threat Lyrics Written by Ervin Welsh I’m suffocating in my own potential. I'm just waiting, can't escape it, No debating, I know it's fatal. Partially blind to reality but I've got vision. Which appears as nightmares because they’re so distant. But I'm persistent but I need assistance. Trying to do it … Continue reading High Potential Threat

For A Price

I was a facilitator in 2012 for an entrepreneurship and employability training programme. One of the pre-programme activities was a community walk-through where we engaged community members, shared details of the forthcoming opportunity, gauged interest, got commitments and encouraged people to spread the word. While canvassing, we came upon a young boy playing in the … Continue reading For A Price

Under Construction: Highway to He____

The future lives today as vividly on the pages of conceptual works as it will tomorrow, a world our five senses can perceive. Brilliant projections from inventive minds daring to create mentally what they had not yet experienced in the physical. The transition has already been made from think and ink, to piloting, of an … Continue reading Under Construction: Highway to He____

Positively Inclined Founder has A Bold Proposition

St. Kitts and Nevis, February 27, 2017 (Positively Inclined): I need your help and I offer you nothing in return, not because I have nothing to give but because that's not the way it's supposed to be. What I need, what Positively Inclined needs, is your support through donation and you can do so online … Continue reading Positively Inclined Founder has A Bold Proposition