Why Bother?

What I call for is no walk in the park. It’s much easier to do nothing. It’s much easier to take the view that we’re subjected to life more-so than we create it ourselves. It’s easier but it’s also the source of our frustrations and our suffering. Ignorance isn’t bliss and we have infinite examples to prove it.

  • Our ignorance about love and relationships is:
    • The reason for staggering divorce rates
    • Repeated heartbeat.
  • We’re captives in our own homes:
    • Afraid to move about like we use to.
    • Burglar bars obstruct the view through all windows and even doors are heavily secured. We may think our homes a fortress but from another vantage point they’re almost certainly prisons.
  • We’re constantly searching for this illusive “happiness”
    • And outside ourselves no less.
    • We TGIF
    • We look for increasingly extra-ordinary activities to give meaning to our unfulfilling lives.

Complacency in the little we know has proven itself in no way ideal. Avoiding responsibility for our individual and collective circumstances doesn’t make for a more fulfilling life.

As a natural consequence of the condition of our existence, we’re fully responsible for creating our lives. Life, however, has been on autopilot. Our individual and collective lives have been creating themselves — consequence after consequence — like an uninterrupted ripple. This ripple we have every power to impact but we look outside ourselves for saviours.

What would you do for the power:

  • To be unaffected by other’s negative attitudes and ill intentions?
  • To understand what seems incomprehensible about other’s behaviour?
  • To overcome your weaknesses?
  • To enhance your strengths?
  • To have more meaningful relationships?
  • To be your best possible self?
  • To live in true fulfillment?
  • To have these be within your sphere of control rather than dependent on someone else?

Before you get excited, understand, I’m not selling anything. There aren’t “five steps” or easy fixes. I’m not even making understanding easy to digest. I’m offering you a choice. The choice is to be the active and intentional Architect, Engineer and Contractor of your individual, and our collective reality. The benefit? Well… who are you seriously going to leave it to to conceptualize and construct your vision of paradise?

We’ve embraced change by inertia long enough; choose:

  • Intentional living over What Life Hands You
  • Power over Weakness
  • Paradise over Unnecessary Suffering
  • Joy over Turmoil
  • Champion Status over Victim-hood
  • Fulfillment over Wasted Possibility
  • Love over Indifference
  • Connection over Isolation
  • Courage over Fear
  • Abundance over Perpetual Dissatisfaction

It’s never the task before a person that makes them feel overwhelmed. It’s the person’s capacity to rise to the challenge and their understanding about how to do so, that sets apart those who do and do with seeming ease and those who seem to buckle at the mere thought of it.

I offer Understanding and from it, the Authority to wield the power that is Knowledge so you can transform your life and impact your world. And so live a life where things happen for you and because of you, not merely to you.