About Ervin



Thinker = Pursuer of truth and understanding
Educator = Sharer of truth and facilitator of understanding
Servant = Server of the whole
Problem-solver = Redresser and preempter of issues
Conduit = Connector of everything to everything else
Catalyst = Leader
Champion = Instigator; Initiator; Naysayer, when we should be saying nay!
Creative = Visionary; Artist
Creator = Architect; Engineer; Contractor; Innovator
AndSoMuchMore = The embodiment of all possibilities
*Unmimicable = A completely unique being
Invaluable = Of immeasurable worth
JustAsYouAre = As I am, so art thou

.Surname welsh but ervin suffices

Brave One

Brave Ones heed the call to give themselves to the whole without restraint and trust that the whole will take care of them. While my experience over the last two years of answering this call hasn’t seen the whole cup it’s hands to catch me as I’ve taken a leap of faith, bravery wouldn’t be bravery if there wasn’t something to be brave in the face of. I am proudly a brave one and will forever be, wherever being one takes me.

“Brave Ones”

By ervin welsh

For love fighting
Differing view inviting.

Shit storm weather-er
Status-quo won’t accept-er,
Truth represent-er
Upon you can depend-er.

Lover not a loy-er
Giver not a lender
Family not no friend, nah!

Ah beast
An officer of the peace
Un catalyseur[1]
Fiat justitia,[2]
Ruat caelum[3]


  1. “A catalyst” (in French)
  2. [that advocates to] “Let justice be done” (in Latin)
  3. Though the heavens fall (in Latin)

Biographical Profile

  • Date of Birth: 18 April 1986
  • Country of Birth: St. Kitts – Nevis
  • Nationality: Kittitian
  • Siblings: 4 Sisters (2 elder, 2 younger) + 1 Brother (elder)
  • Household (Upbringing): Raised by Mother and 2 Sisters
  • Education: TBD
  • Work: TBD