About Beyond Timeless

Beyond Timeless follows the work of Kittitian-born thinker and educator Ervin Welsh. In addition to serving as a hub for accessing my ideas and published works, I use it to log my thoughts as they develop and to map how they feed into my understanding later on.[1]

On BeyondTimeless[.com] you’ll find mental notes i.e. burgeoning and unfiltered thoughts. You’ll also find essays and articles that explore the same subjects with further clarity. The books I author delve more comprehensively into these subjects, exploring and embracing their complexity so they can be thoroughly understood.

Here I also share the fodder that feeds thoughts. Films and videos I’ve watched; books and articles, papers etc. I’ve read; music I’ve listened. All have contributed in some way to the person I am — the way I think and the resolve I have to be me.

Not only do I bookmark these pieces of content for others to get an understanding of what informs my thinking; I examine these works, bringing to the fore what value I drew from them and why. I do so via original projects like “Thinking Points” which examines media for important takeaways.

Understanding and self-education are at the heart of what I advocate. Logging the development of my work seeks to demystify the path to understanding.  While by no means is my path the only or ideal one — from ignorance through to understanding — mapping the development of my own thoughts shows we don’t merely “become educated” and the teachings we consider significant aren’t nearly as influential as the smaller lessons engendered through repetition and immersion.

Unfiltered thoughts and bookmarked content considered; projects like Thinking Points and ongoing work like essays and publications with them, these are the unabridged versions of course material for a self-education platform in development.

All of my work is available for free via Beyond Timeless because I believe we ought to gift ourselves to each other, not erect barriers in the way of fees. In addition to downloads such as books and free access to digital content, I develop projects to address the myriad of social issues.

One such project is a catalog of intellectual property for personal and commercial use called Rhythmic Thoughts. It serves as an opportunity for education, employment and advocacy. There are no fees for use and no royalty fee requirements. There is no tangible benefit for me. The reward of my work in this effort is the opportunity created for others.

As with the rest of my work, those perusing this content can make a voluntary contribution to me or those who see it as an initiative worth supporting can do the same.

This is the essence of my work. I sum up my philosophy nicely in one of my Rhythmic Thoughts saying,

Everything I am and will ever be,
More than for me, it’s for we.

– Excerpt from “Everything I Am”


  1. Mentality Map — an original concept which explores the development of individual’s ideas, beliefs and behaviours.


In the Works

To find out more about ideas and projects in the works and planned for future, visit the Projects page on this site.