What do the specifications of Noah’s Ark convey?

What is the ark?

The Bible employs at least four metaphors for Noah’s Ark and the Flood:

  1. The Ark — sea metaphor.
  2. A bulwark (wall) — Holy war metaphor.
  3. A net — Fishing metaphor.
  4. A snare — Bird-trapping metaphor.

Ark Specifications

…and what they convey:

Specs What Why
Gopher WoodPocket Gophers
Tree; framework; God
See Pocket Gophers. They’re rodents and rodents i.e. “rats” are that which turns on their own (people).
RoomsChamber; caveA vaulted place in the face of a mountain.
Pitch within and withoutTarKeeps water (i.e. the unknown) from coming into the ark and from those inside the ark worrying thereabout.
300 cubits (Length)Age (i.e. years) Enoch walked with God after begetting Methuselah.This was the period of division in described in Genesis 14, KJV.
50 cubits (Breadth)Number of persons in a military company. A Company is also a band as in a tribe.

Definitionally, “breadth” is the measurement from one side to another.

See explanation and footnote about the door (below).
The “net” was meant to capture the tribes so it was built to a 50 cubit/person capacity. Consider this also the depth (or thickness) of the bulwark or wall.
30 cubits (Height)“The top of [something]”. Speaks to stature. The origin of “stature” relates to “statue” and statue relates to idol/image and consequently God.The upper most space. The open firmament of the heaven wherein the fowl (e.g. eagles which are the upper most part of the Cherubim) can fly.


6 = days of creation of Adam
5 = nations of Mesopotamia which were between two minds.
30 = [uncertain] perhaps maily the product of 6 and 5. This noting the emphasis on “multiplication” in Genesis 1.
A WindowAn opening for those on the outside to see in and consequently want in.The ark was pitched; there need be a way to see so persons could be converted.
“In a cubit shalt thou finish it above” (Genesis 6:16, KJV)To complete it; or in carpentry terms, square it.To “finish it above” conveys that “above all [other faces]” i.e. faces of the Cherubim, there is to be the seeing eyes (see etymology of window) of the eagle.
The door in the sideThe way into the ark.The side is where “woman” was made from. The side is the access point for other intellectual capacities. Entering the ark requires knowledge which the side represents.[1]
Lower (story)A lower, less dignified man i.e. a beast.The face of the ox on the cherubim. See Enos (or Enosh) (the first born of Seth) which is given as mortal (and less dignified) man.
Second (story)The pseudo of a man.The second face of the cherubim.
Third (story)The lion.The third face of the cherubim.
stories (as above)Levels of a multilevel construction.The stages/levels of wisdom exercised by Cherubim from observation and inquiry to seeing the entire picture. [2]


  1. See “What does Genesis 2 convey?” for context about what “woman” means in the bible.
  2. See “What are Cherubim in biblical literature?” to explore the cherubim concept.