Be Still

Be still.
Look inside.
Breathe in,
Realize you have everything one could want;
Man oh man what a life.
(Repeat 2x)

[Oh what a life.]
Thank you mother and father up above
For unrelenting showers of love and unmerited favour.
I’m so grateful you’re so gracious.
I promise to love my brothers and sisters — without condition;
Even as my own existence
Cause, with you, I have all I could ever need or want.
Now, I am to perfect this love I’ve got.

That’s why I’m here in this chair,
Perked up ears prepared to hear
A small voice inside me said,
"You have abundance fundamentally."
Heavenly father I see;
How I see is up to me.
And now I see all I need is to breathe in,

Look inside.
Breathe in.
Realize, well,
You have everything one could want;
Man oh man, what a life.
(Repeat 2x)

~ Ervin Welsh

Image by Pixabay on Pexels.