What does “Dig A Hole to Put the Devil In” mean?

This is the title of a song that troubled me for a few years. First, it seemed not too meaningful. But in recent years, as I grew in understanding, it seemed even more strange because of my views on some of the key things it speaks of, mankind, money, nature and the Biblical message.

After translating Genesis chapters 1 and 2, and reframing the song through that lens, I have a deep appreciation for what I believe the song is meant to convey. I’ve included the version I grew up hearing and my thoughts thereupon.

Ervin Welsh


God made man; man made money.
God made the bees and the bees made honey.
God made Lucifer and Lucifer made sin.
Go dig a hole and put the Devil in.
~ Unknown


Our mind made our memory;
Our memory caused us to perceive predictability.

Our mind produced thoughts;
A multitude of thoughts gave birth to dreams.

Our mind developed concepts,
Attachment to concepts brought misery.

Question thoughts;
Throw away dreams.

… but this is just my opinion. ~ Ervin Welsh