What does YHWH mean?

YHWH (or YHVH) is short for “Yahweh” [also called “Jehovah”] — the proper name of the God of Israel. (Strong’s Concordance)

I believe YHWH is tetragrammaton (four letters) for the name of the Egyptian God “Thoth”, the Egyptian name of which was Djehuty (also dhwty) which means “He Who is Like the Ibis”, a sacred bird in ancient Egypt, which was associated with wisdom. (Mark, J.J.; 2016)

Jehu (Yehu) is the name of a king of Israel. His name means “The LORD is He” i.e. “Jehovah (is) He”. This was also the name of five Israelites. (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance)

In brief, the God of Israel (the focus of the Holy Bible), seems to be an Egyptian God.

However, another important question need be asked in order to understand the God of Israel. Said question concerns understanding what is Israel itself. YHWH’s original and later meaning (in ancient times) went through many subtil twists and turns in the Bible (not yet considering the other gospels that were prominent at the time but were not included in the Bible). Our understanding today evolved out of like zigzags. But this as an origin for the name and its associated people, puts some context to Jesus’s saying, “Ye worship ye know not what…” (John 4:22, KJV)

… but this is just my opinion. ~ Ervin Welsh


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