Why was the Bible Compiled?

I believe the fundamental struggles the Bible comments on include:

  1. Superficial groupings e.g.
    1. Claims to be God’s “chosen people”
    2. “Family”.
  2. Desire for material pleasures.
  3. The idea of a “personal relationship” with God.
  4. The idea of any single embodied being being the incarnation of God e.g. a man, an animal, a plant or a building.
  5. Inventions that supplant the way God operates e.g.
    1. Agricultural practice supplanting nomadic gathering or
    2. Systems of trade that supplant sharing.
  6. Practices like warfare (particularly when avoidable) versus non-violence.
  7. The pursuit of perpetual prosperity versus seasonal prosperity, which would mean:
    1. Times of hardship and times of doing well or
    2. Times of autonomy and times of some form of submission.
  8. Any idea of improving what God has made.
  9. Discontentment with what God has made or allowed.
  10. The idea of human’s appointment to stewardship of the earth by anyway that departs from God’s simple patterns.
  11. The idea of humans as more important than other creatures.
  12. The idea of “justice”.
  13. Moral judgements and ideals.
  14. Claims to knowing what is ultimately unknowable (e.g. God).

… but this is just my opinion. ~ Ervin Welsh


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