Rehashing, Recalling, Emotions, Focus & Us.

What do you recall?
What do you rehash?
What evokes strong emotion?
These tell a lot about our focus.

Recall is memory which serves to inform us about how we ought to behave in the world based on past experience.

What we rehash conveys what we’ve seen fit to concentrate on. Concentration itself is focus (of the conscious sort).

Emotions organize our feelings. They instruct us on appropriate responses to circumstances.

For far too many people though, there’s this habit of constantly recalling unpleasant events then rehashing them with friends – and not therapeutically, rather just dwelling on them because part of us thrives on the negativity.

*Focus* fuels *understanding* which is the ultimate power. But how we use it – what we focus on – is just another example of how happenstance living hurts.

On the other hand, seizing the authority afforded us by *understanding*, unlocks worlds of possibilities – allowing us to see the same world through multiple lenses.

So, what will you recall?
What will you dwell on?
What will get your emotional attention?
What gets your focus?


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