What Would You Do If You Knew When Your Life Would End?

A lot of people passed away in the last three months — many unexpectedly. What would you be doing if you knew you wouldn’t see past the next three months?

I mean, I know it’s hard to think considering the festive season is like a sedative, but when you go back to working (you know, just for that check) and go back to being fulfilled living through your kids and for validation from reactions to social media pics, would you change any of that?

The couple coins you’ll (“hopefully”) leave them, won’t save them from “the way it is”. Would you make a real investment in them, in yourself, in other, by trying to improve our reality? Would your last days be a direct investment in collective betterment (which requires nothing more than you be your best self) or would you continue living like a third party check — paying to ensure, as I’m sure you’ve said, “things will never change!”


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