Dat Souljah Life

All de man dem in de street killing dey classmates and neighbours and tink dem ah souljah, FYI, somebody sold yah.

You and de bwoi who life you cut short on de same team and is de “good” folk in society profiting off you wrong thoughts.

Souljahs fight for right, you ah mercenary — fighting for de right price whether that’s cash or some perverted perception of good (you surely learned from society’s “stalwarts”). The “civilized” killing you with indifference. You taking life with weapons; what’s different?

Souljahs need training and dis farce called educating prepares you for nothing but de matrix. Every notch on you belt is a statistic that helps maintain the status quo. So know you nar challenge shit, you helping it.

Stop swallow wha society feed! Stop being a sheep like the self righteous “lambs” — “civilized” society. Open you eyes, be wise, organize, catalyze — change your situation, don’t let it change your inclinations. Dat me bredren, that’s that souljah life.


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