Rhythmic Thoughts Magazine 2017

Rhythmic Thoughts is a A Catalog of Intellectual Property Free for Personal and Commercial Use by Ervin Welsh.

Rhythmic Thoughts Magazine (December 2017)
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Rhythmic Thoughts Magazine is a publication that explores the opportunities in Rhythmic Thoughts’ catalog of intellectual property. The content of the catalog is free for personal and commercial use (no royalty fees required) and is an opportunity to create a revenue stream, particularly with view to persons who are not employed and those whose circumstances make other employment difficult. The catalog is a bridge between entrepreneurship development efforts and the kind of offering needed that is competitive and creative enough to multiply their impact.

The Rhythmic Thoughts catalog of IP is also an avenue for the development of advocacy efforts that empower NGO’s members to more confidently broach the subject of change where, for example, they advocate that individuals explore healthier avenues for satisfying their basic needs. Take for example the individual who sells illicit substances or the individual who stays in an abusive relationship — a prisoner of a reality in which they see no out, because of lack of economic autonomy. The beneficiaries of NGO efforts can benefit through the opportunities for developing an enterprise, with an in-demand offering, availed through this catalog.

It is possible, through the catalog as well, to develop sustainability within NGOs, where, organizations can lead the development of cooperative enterprises that benefit beneficiaries and fund organization’s activities simultaneously.

Enterprise opportunities and sustainability for the organization’s ongoing work are two avenues to explore but another is the fact that the work in the catalog (the pieces themselves) serve as a facility through which community engagement can be more effectively facilitated. Rhythmic Thoughts may be leveraged in community interventions to aid target populations with achieving the understanding necessary for making desired change possible.

The Rhythmic Thoughts Magazine is designed to lay out in detail, these opportunities.

Download the Rhythmic Thoughts Magazine:

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Table of Contents

See highlights from the magazine’s table of contents below.


  • What Are Rhythmic Thoughts?
  • Synopsis
  • Brief History

The Platform

  • Platform Features
  • Opportunities in Enterprise
    • Event Planning
    • Event Flashback
    • Performances
    • Audio Production & Albums
    • Videos Production & Programming
    • Written Compilations
    • Derivative & Composite Works
    • Future Plans
  • What Has Been Said
  • Audio Production Samples

Rhythmic Thoughts in Education

  • Overview
  • Expounding On Engagement
  • Sample Playing the Fence Series Action Plan (Outline)
    • Session #1: A Youth Dialogue:
    • Session #2: Community Dialogue #1:
    • Session #3: Community Dialogue #2
  • A Finer Look at the Tools
  • Sample Playing the Fence Event Itinerary (Outline)
    • A Community Dialogue

Footnote on Opportunities in Advocacy:


  • Rhythmic Thoughts: Example Pieces
    • Big Love
    • Click (Clique)
    • Everything
    • From Roots to Fruits
    • Her
    • Him
    • Mr. Goody To-You
    • Power Trouble
    • Primary Reason
    • Social Casualty
    • Spare the Child
    • Stereotypes on Blast
    • Time’s Up
    • Virality
    • Wonderland
  • Thinking Points Example
    • Click (Clique) Thinking Points

Download the Rhythmic Thoughts Magazine:

Download Now


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