Understanding Us & Them [Book]

Understanding Us and Them
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Understanding Us & Them is an excerpt from “Decoding Deviance”, a forthcoming expository work exploring the often overlooked factors that contribute to crime and violence and the misconceptions where these factors are known. This excerpt explains the premise upon which my ideas are founded and the presuppositions that need be held in mind as one explores my submissions therein and elsewhere.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: There is no Us and Them

Our Different Starting Points

  • Defining the Collective Moral Compass
    • Law
      • Law and Morality
    • Religion
    • Freedom Reigns?
    • Truth

The Social Construct

  • Rules: Made To Be Broken?
  • Building on Principles; Not Rules
  • Who Makes the Rules?
  • Examining What Is Taught and How
  • Examining the Fallout of Choosing Rules Over Principles
    • Where’s My Manners?
    • Young Humans and Older Humans
  • A Faulty Foundation | Unprincipled Arguments

A Better Social Construct

  • The Dignity Code
  • The Way We Grow
  • The Evolution of Deviance
  • The Sliding Scale of Deviance Hypothesis
  • Perception, The Preeminent Factor
  • States of Self
    • Scenario 1: The Law-Abiding Citizen
    • Scenario 2: The Vendetta
    • Scenario 3: The Mastermind
  • Discussing the Hypothesis
  • Motivated Behaviour
    • Hungry? Why Wait?
    • Trouble(d) Student?
    • Perception + Immediacy = Motivation
    • Motivating Change

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