Focusing On “Focusing”: How We Learn?

I’ve been really trying to understand how we learn and not just for the benefit of our own empowerment and intentionally creating our reality as is the central focus of my work but to understand how we evolve with the perception we carry. While I understand what informs our way of being, I’m trying to figure out the finer details of this process — details that create what appear to be vast differences between us but are more so in practice than in principle. What I’ve found thus far is what we focus on magnifies and it shapes up but our focus is merely on parts of the same stimuli.

As usual, this was recorded as my thoughts unfolded. Contrary to the norm, I did note some things before recording it. My intention was to return to the subject later but it was really occupying my mind. I decided to share the thoughts with a friend and sent this as a series of voicenotes. I stitched them together. There are some rough cuts where one note ends and another begins.


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