The Rightest



The Rightest Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

Her words are fingertips that beat my ear drums.
Rum pa pum pum, rum pa pum pum,
She’s a muse-ition.
I completely immerse in her rhythm.

Look at her aspirations,
They’re such an inspiration
My admiration is only equalled by the motivation to feed her passions.

She’s so hungry
As am I, from all of the intellectually stimulating passionate conversating
Emotions ejaculated from mentally masturbating.

Not polite table conversation so a breather is called for.
To breed her is what I long for.
Not just because we could,
Nope, we agree we should use this chemistry to chemically create another her or me
Or maybe two or three,
Pursue synchronicity
And solve the mystery
Of how such a beautiful activity leads to life.
Making Love
We’ll uncover the science…

Of what makes right The Righest,
Our light the brightest,
Ignites our best,
Propels progress,
Sustains us,
What to refrain from,
How two becomes one.
How one becomes love.

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