In Consistency



In Consistency Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

E musse easy to say you appreciate me
‘Cause is easy to see how you mistreat me.
An ah guess is easy, de work you gimme,
‘Cause is work pon work like you wan kill me.

E musse easy for you to deal with me
‘Cause you seem to enjoy taking advantage of me.
An “good job” musse you favorite song,
You carn mean it an every month ah get rob!

Dis ain about money so don’t get me wrong
But e funny how e enter dis one.
If you doan know yet well, money does done,
So dah ain de finish line ah duh run dung.

But let’s face it! Get back to basics!
The way people act is beyond faceless.
Beyond Timeless?
Deh doan know wah dah mean.
Is principle-maintaining but dey change faster dan they breathe.
From accent, to intent, dey hell bent to financially succeed.
From politicians, to church leaders, to the ones calling we employee
The only thing consistent is dey inconsistency.

We are in the same boat me brethren never mind dis tie you see.
Me aircon nuh betta dan you natural breeze.
Understanding dis is what separates you and me.
Dis is how we live in consistently inconsistent SKB – NEV and worldwide, trust me.
Weather you graduate from CFBC, UWI, or C&C,
And whether you get a BSc. PhD or BET we all equal and should act accordingly.
We need genuine love, peace and unity, consistently.

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