A Conversation With My Daughter



A Conversation With My Daughter Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

Hey Pumpkin! Come let daddy talk to you for a second.
Now, when you go to school you’ll see many misled
Those who swallowed lies they were fed;
Flawed ideas about beauty imposed
It’s not their fault that’s all their parents know.
So if someone ever calls you ugly
Remember they’re just blind.
Your hair need not be long or straight
And your skin’s colour is just right.
Let them focus on these things as they grow,
Remember the only opinion which matters is your own.
Some people’s smiles and style mask the lies they subscribe to.
The hair, clothes, makeup and nails too.
In time you’ll realize your school is a place some choose to compete with friends not
knowing they’re there to:
Learn about life and the way they should live it!
Learn about joy and the way they can find it!
Learn about love and that people can’t make it!
Love is within, we merely share it.
See, if we only fed you orange soda my beautiful daughter
You wouldn’t like the taste of a real orange when you got older.
If you swallow the lies about beauty like some will,
Then rest assured you too would be misled.
Daddy doesn’t want that
That’s why I’m giving you the facts.
Do your daddy proud,
Don’t get sidetracked.

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