Altar Boy



Alter Boy Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

He left me at the altar with my heart in my hands.
I didn’t see it coming I thought he was a good man.
I wasn’t about to marry him but he was about to marry her
So at the altar of hope, is where I first felt true hurt.

Such bliss, I can still feel his lips.
There are still impressions on my hips from where mine locked his.
He sowed seeds in my mind but never seized the time
To tell me he found love and that I… (sniffle) I… (sob).

A third party told me, no cause for celebration.
Why didn’t he leave me to my lonesome? I was fine before I met him.
Apologies filled my inbox but what on earth was he thinking?
He’s the man so it’s not like she up and popped the question.
He knew what he was doing from the very inception
But if such is what he sows, have mercy upon him.
I’m a mature woman so I do wish her well,
But I wonder if she knows she married a Jezemale.

To leave a girl at the altar,
That’s a new low even for men.
When he left me at the altar,
My heart didn’t just weep, it bled.

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