Primary Reason


Primary Reason Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

In primary school you were told not to work for stars, rather understanding.
Now standing here, older, you’re told to pause everything and go overseas;
Get a degree, secure a Plan B!
Get a degree in anything.
Preferably refer law or medicine.


Isn’t that for show?
Maybe that’s for dough?
But don’t we chase dreams no more?


There’s a lie being perpetuated
Says, “formal education is the only method”.
So says those who been through the system,
So the system is in their system
Stick a pin!

How many people do you know living their dreams or are even comfortable,
Without fail for sure, their are more who are just parts of a machine – interchangeable.

It’s more prudent to be a life student.
Don’t get me wrong, I’d never tell anyone they shouldn’t pursue a degree or three
Knock yourself out, the best things in life aren’t free
But seriously! Paper should be a stepping stone,
I’m not sure exactly when it became the goal.

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