Mirage (Marriage)


Mirage (Marriage) Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

So girl guides and boy scouts are tying the knot.
Not me, perhaps eventually
But myself I must understand first
Then, I can consider that after
Because marriage requires compromise – that’s comprom-eyes
But I see clearly now,
The rain is gone, a rainbow formed…
Going to see the leprechaun.

Going to get my goals!
Searching soul.
Far too many times I’ve seen dreams sold one for another,
They call it love, ha!
Love doesn’t do that, I wish they knew that.
I call that that ruse-mance
Fools asked questions to be made wise
Now they just ask to get or be made wife.
High time we woke up from this coma…
Refuse Huxley’s soma!

It impacts the senses,
Exploits vulnerabilities,
Aggrandizes compromise
And promises white picket fences.
The knot becomes the noose to unsuspecting statistics.
Are you one? Are you next?

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