Never Enough



Never Enough Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

There isn’t enough time in forever!

We talk for hours a day on so many subjects I can’t say where we began.
And if money were time I’d give my last dime
And it’s been said before but you really don’t know how it’s not wasted.
I invest in her!
I’ve got shares in her heart and dividends I reinvest for her preservation.

Gray hairs turn black as interest I get back on my time.

When our conversations are on vacation I reminisce on our engagements.

Memories last long but I rather make them than remember.
Texts and emails are nice but her presence I yearn for.
In a mere moment together she reminds me why I love her,
Be it be the wisdom she imbues or her jovial nature.


Time is worth way more than money, still I give her it gladly.
She multiplies, not just adds to me.

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