Insti-gate Lyrics


Written by Ervin Welsh

You’re right! I’m an instigator, an initiator
A naysayer when we should be sayin’ nay.

This is a call to arms,
Not for guns and bombs
But that sound you make as you contemplate like um.


Old dogs run the world,
Those dogs don’t learn,
There’s a need for change but those dogs are so stubborn.
Can you blame em? Look how far they’ve come,
My issue is they’ve become complacent

So goes the story,
Freedom fighters before me, did their due then they passed the baton to me
The time’s come,
It’s ma tun
And I have a dream to see through before ma time dun.

They tried to entertain me but that merely delayed me
In detention’s where I met Susie Delaney
Hey Susie
Hmm, Susie cute see…
But that’s besides the point, Susie really knew me!
She knew my heart, asked where should we start?
Head très full, beginning to think I could use some assistance
For instance I asked her to flick the switch so I could ditch my vision.
No schizo but it’s so hard to control em
Holding my breath as in my head plans are unfolding while my arms are folded
Doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing

The mindsweeper preparing to clean up the system.
Can’t fix a system you have to change it.
People complain but they have no suggestions.
If they’re instigators, we’re insti-greater.
They are problem indicators,
We’re architects and engineers.


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