Social Casualty Part II


Social Casualty Part II Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

Aahht Aahht Aahht
Aahht Aahht
Bump Bump.

On the alert.
BS detector ringing, you’ve got the nerve to impose your thoughts and not listen to mine first?
Thought I taught you something but it seems you ain’t learned.

Hypocrisy’s in the air and the truth becomes clear,
You don’t care as long as I don’t dare upset the balance
Can’t question or challenge;
At any cost ignorance you goin salvage.

Imagine I don’t drink but even the bartenders offer me be free drinks just to see me fit in a box.
This whole things is about the locs on my head
Damn! You woulda thought I stole something and now I been caught.
That’s why I lost all respect for your thoughts;
Seemed a small price to pay cause you gladly paid the cost.


A girl once told me that I have player-potential
Because my combination retains girl’s attention.
Though true that never phased me because that’s not what my momma taught.
She taught me not to play with women.
I listened as with most of her lessons.
Was praised for that among other decisions and told to ignore what people say
And be my own man, do the best I can
And above all stand for what I believe in.

But you know what?
They mind fucked you as a kid!
You aren’t a virgin they control what you think.
This ain’t the first and it won’t be the last
Enroll you in a class and see that you pass their tests.
But, I failed them all.
I refused to conform
Torn – for what purpose was I born and bred?
Now I’m to forget what was said?
Instead, don’t use my prerogative
Accept the options they give?

You know my face but you don’t know my mind.
Welcome, welcome, you are right on time.
Just take a seat.
Roll down your sleeves.
Admit your defeat,
In case you can’t see I ain’t changing for no one
So scrap all your plans.
Take your peer pressure to a fruit juice stand.
Principle over example my math teacher taught
So when you switched up you actually lost merits.
You paid service with your lips.
Can’t tell me one thing then bring conditions in.
Shampoo that… ! Get the scalp clean.
You grounded again?
Dumbfounded again?
Wondering where’s that kid that you expected?
They say to, “Train up a child”
Well this engine is moving in my own direction
Because you have proven even you don’t believe some of the crap you’ve been
Here’s a mirror, when last did you look in?
Two faced fool!
You tool!
See your reflection and don’t know that it’s you.
‘Cause you say one thing then you do another.

Lips going one way, body going the other.
You possessed man
But you don’t possess me.
Get thee behind me voluntarily.
I appreciate the lessons, some I still believe
But word of advice to you, practice what you preach.

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