Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of Many


Jack-of-All-Trades, Master of Many Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

Ha ha!

They said a jack of all trades can’t master any
But I’m a jack of plenty things and a master of many.
I’ve been stacking the deck since before I turned twenty
And learning to shuffle better with every year God blessed me.
I’ve lost a couple bets but I have no regrets.
Those were investments in me becoming my best
But the best is never satisfied so I’m on the next
While those who feel entitled call off their bets.

Forget the title that’s not important!
I’ll never fold my hand as long I have breath.
I’d extend my hand to shake before we commence
No more shaking, as I declare their fraudulent.

Like playing poker with some jokers
The same ones who made me ha ha when I first spoke.
Telling me my limits like the game is rigged
But with my perspective all I can do is win.

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