High Potential Threat


High Potential Threat Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

I’m suffocating in my own potential.

I’m just waiting, can’t escape it,
No debating, I know it’s fatal.
Partially blind to reality but I’ve got vision.
Which appears as nightmares because they’re so distant.
But I’m persistent but I need assistance.
Trying to do it on my own proved a poor decision.
Forsaking basic nutrition to expedite progress then spending those few nickels on a physician.

I know my position and my direction
But this laundry list of talents feels like a curse as verses are written in my head
Verses written when I’m supposed to be working – “But it’s close to completion”!
So I set to work, responsibilities shirked.
After all these years you’d think I learned how to work with this!
Few opportunities missed because I’m unhealthily efficient.
Collected so many rain checks on sleep I have yet to deposit.

The ball was rarely dropped from the business cards I’d pocket
In the pursuit of profit, my youth I pawned it.
I tried to stop it but it was chronic,
Not even during sleep could I completely pause it.

But don’t get me wrong it wasn’t just about the money,
Was passion and purpose that really consumed me.
Couldn’t separate one from the other
And I could see the end but not the current success – visions I have yet to achieve
So I try to take a breather, standing all alone outside a dome full of people.
I left so I could silently scream that there’s genocide on the inside as thoughts suffocate me.

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