From Roots to Fruits


From Roots to Fruits Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

They asked him his name,
He shouted, “It’s Kunta Kinte!” like a warrior’s call to sound the drums…
Instead, he got the beating! They couldn’t understand him.
They’d end the whipping if he’d say the name they gave him.
Some said he’d be free…
Wasn’t he, physically shackled, mentally free,
While a friend to their master others died to be?
I’m glad for people like him cause left to you or me,
Suffering, still today, we’d probably still be – cause we’re weak.

I mean honestly,
We’re still slaves aren’t we?
Bound to wages, prisoners of “the way it is”,
Searching for an exit in our past, no imagination.
Casting ballots for who supposedly care,
Charlatans we then fear to challenge when time reveals their hot air.

We’re grinning, thinking we’re winning
Cause we got a little change but nothing changed best believe it!
All smiles meanwhile sacrificing our freedom
And it’s considered treason to express such feelings.
We’re singing Emancipation’s praises confined in tighter spaces
And slavery costs a lot less cause we’re willing participants.

Civilization – a time bomb – cast in cranium.
A compound of fear, indifference and complacence.
Emancipation transformed our situation
But freedom of choice obscures our enslavement.
It’s a high price, one we pay willingly.
We’ve spent too much time on bended knees,
Even me, I’ll be honest, I’m scared too
Not of being lynched but to see you used to break my fortitude.
Nonetheless that fear is suppressed
When I think of what would be left for generation next.

So I put pen to paper to create text like this
Hoping it opens the senses,
Hoping sense gets in before it closes
And we’ll rethink our choices.

Speak, before your lips they seat on Censorship – that new ship
And this time not only niggers’ll be shipping out on those cruises.
But heck, I believe in free movement.
They may rob me of my freedom but sure as hell not my spirit.

I will not cease!
I won’t forfeit.
I rather die for what I say than to die silent!

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