Dose of Reality


Dose of Reality Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

Dr. G-oo-g-l-e,
You wouldn’t believe what he told me.
See the prescription that he wrote me
And the fee that he cost me.
“Look mom see, people still give things for free.”
She asked, “Boy, does he have a PhD?”
I replied, “Is that’s how it has to be?”
She said, “The papers proof boy you best believe!”

I guess then I’m naive using research skills school taught me,
Checking sources for credibility,
Then choosing the best remedy.
Alas I scrapped the plan and I called the man.
Lurking for hours like I was his fan.
Ums and arms, said he understands
Then wrote me a prescription for drugs again.

Now, I’m not a dealer so is this a joke?!
No time to wait like he’s some famous bloke.
All this time I waited and all this dough…
Here comes the kicker please enjoy the show…
About what he prescribed I asked for other options,
His response was, well, humourous
So boisterous laughter blitzed closed lips.
What he named matched my list from Dr. G-oo-g-l-e.
Reaffirming for me, the paper’s nice but education’s free.
Not knowing’s a choice as is a degree.
If you don’t know then let me preach.
Schools inform and call it “teach.”
Subjects like history have been bleached.
By the way, the web informs for free, at G-oo-g-l-e!

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