Why Bother?



Why Bother? Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

Why do I care?
Why do I bother?
Being so sensitive to what the world needs in a world so insensitive is self-inflicted torture.
For what purpose do I swim against the current?
Is this wasted effort?

We’re promised one thing in life, that’s debt – death comes after.
We’re indebted to earth for a body rented at birth
And journey in search of happiness – ours
And if we found true happiness, we’d know it’s in service to others.

But what is happiness worth in death?
Why do we kill ourselves in pursuit of happiness, when we could kill ourselves and have no use for it?
What would we lose by trading in what’s left of ourselves?
Why not avoid the dreary stroll into the unknown?
Why not skip the falling from grace by passing our best by date?

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