The Flood



The Flood Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

We ignore small issues until they rage, unabated, through society like water from a collapsed dam. Then, drowning in repercussions of willful neglect, we wrestle frantically to stay afloat.
Shrieks of desperation pierce the open air in search for a saviour.

Unsung heroes wrest us from the unforgiving tide, their love yet unrequited. Safely perched above slowly stilling waters, we peer at the lifeless. Volatile circumstance unearths buried connections; hope glimmers.

Rank and file set off in search for the source of these raging waters and return resolved to erect a new dam. The expedition confirmed this was nothing more than an unfortunate, unavoidable, act of (human) nature.

We were wrong! We sought the source and found what nature willed but ignored the many (man-made) tributaries that feed the raging beast.

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