It’s not my right to sell what I don’t own.

It’s not my right to sell what I don’t own. The only two things to which I might be able to lay claim, don’t actually belong to me; my body is borrowed and so is my time. The fact that I can do with them both as I please, makes them no less borrowed. Life is a gift so all else should be. Knowledge, Talents and Ideas can’t be thought anyone’s property.

Does the doctor own health?
Does the educator own knowledge?
Does the dancer own movement?
Does the artist own colours, shapes or textures?
Does the musician own sound?
Do radio stations or telecommunications providers own frequencies?
Do inventors own the observations, experiences and other ideas that spiral together to create unique thought?

None of us created these or the other things we sell so none of us own or have a right to sell them. We merely harness them and we do so for free mind you.

When you charge for harnessing them, you’re not giving back to life, you’re limiting it. Our gifts were gifted us, then we sold them.

I’d rather work via the example of life itself which gifts so graciously (so lovingly), than one who sells what isn’t even his to begin with. My only right is to freely share my gifts (both those I developed and those otherwise received) – that’s life’s way, selling and buying is man’s way. You can’t live both ways at the same time.



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