Spare the Child



Spare the Child Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

They say if you spare the rod, you spoil the child.
What they don’t say is if you abuse the rod, you lose the child.

Now, I won’t tell you what to do
But if it was up to me I’d learn to parent – not just discipline kids.
And some are quick to correct me
Cause they’re so “intelligent”
Telling me it’s not kids but “children”.
Well when’s the last time they learned about parenting?

Cause your womb works?
And he got sperms?
You believe yourselves prepared to parent yours?
Coming from slavery where they couldn’t even nurture their seeds?
A couple years of freedom makes you experts in the field?
I mean we are experts in the field
But not the same one
Seem’s your mind is trapped there despite emancipation.
What about best practices?
Our methods may work
But there’s room for improvement.

That’s if we know what improve meant
See, some people believe that their perfect.
They’d never use that term
But actions speak louder than words
And theirs are like “Ah! Yes Sir!”

But punishment is merely meant to be an option,
Certainly not the only thing that’s working.
If that this defines you
And worse, you’re not trying to improve
The unfortunate fact is that you abuse.

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