Good Student


Good Student Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh


I’m a part-time teacher and a full-time student
In this game of life gotta keep improving
Evolving, solving all of our problems, physical, psychological and all the others
Forget false progress! The truth is the route to success.
Why chase good when we could better our best?
It’s not whatever first and social progress next,
Social progress is the only thing that exists.

[Verse 1]

Some say the nature of man is naturally good.
Please! I wish we was!
Trust me, I try, I am gooder than most;
Question what good is, let your thoughts be provoked.
Even the truth is ruthless, it nah watch no face.
I’d give you some truth if you care to hear.
They say to honour the one who carried you three quarts a year
But you ain’t asked to be here,
That night you weren’t there,
They supposedly care but brought you here knowing life ain’t fair?

They say you’re a miracle, number one of a hundred million sperm;
Here for a reason, blah blah… I’m sure you’ve heard…
“Even your conception was collaboration!”
Bet you haven’t heard about sperm competition?!

They say, everything happens for a reason.
Why some people ain’t eating?
Everything in its season?
Well has God been sleeping?

Some people never seen good, a day in their life.
Unless good is a synonym for pain and strife.

Oh, we can’t understand God with our “simple” mind?
Well, that’s the only thing going for us, so explain why.
Elephants got size,
Birds got sight,
Dogs got smell,
You can’t outrun a gazelle,
Like I said…
We have an advanced brain if God doesn’t want us using it, prove it!
Thoughts of a life student.


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