Übermensch Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

Being a leader ain’t what it’s cracked up to be
Cause leaders tend to the wounds of others then go home alone,
Pick up a mirror and tend to their own.

(Cough cough)

Excuse me! I almost choked.
The kindle fire burning in me, almost smoked me to death – suffocation
I’m suffering and hate it.
Grappling with the truth I’m only human
A sad realization in a situation so grim,
Glancing around and I’m greeted with grins.
And no! People aren’t perpetually positive
Just complacent with thinking that’ll guarantee our extinction.

The greatest manifestation of slavery, runs concurrent to the greatest degree of
And I’m tasked with freeing thum
But um, aren’t I just a man?


I loosen up my tie to get ready get set
And spot a big ole letter etched on my chest, it’s an “S”, yes!
My momma named me Ervin,1
God named me Clark Kent sent just to usher in The Evolution,
Not the revolution, we won’t be revoluting
No back tracks to the slackness the earth is too polluted
But the truth’ll sooth it.
We’re aren’t too far gone to undo the foolishness.
But my body’s weary from carrying all these arms
I’m just reincarnated thoughts raising the arms of the undisputed champions
We’re the freedom fighters of the new millennium.
But, but, um! Those before me had it a little bit easier,
Sure they were enslaved but now we’re free-dumb.


We got the freedom to be dumb and we’re exercising it.

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