Under Armor


Under Armor Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

Long sleeve shirts, slacks and harders,
Baggy socks, faded undergarments,
God gifted undershirt – holey,
Unbeknownst to those who behold me.

An upside down rainbow in inclement weather.
Chest to the heavens, braving unfavourable conditions.
Obstacles before me, are stepping stones to me,
If I thought differently I’d see adversity.


Assumptions about wealth, pelt, from flapping lips of strangers,
Aspirations absent my thoughts, prevalent in theirs.
“You making all da money eh?!” they cajole me
Inadvertence of social work for which they know me.

Head upon mattress,
Mattress upon floor, for months,
Between twelve and twenty-four.
Supported by a frame once, not anymore,
Eventually it became unstable.

Priorities prevented upgrade,
Mother made attempts
But I was proving to myself the irrelevance of worth to wealth.

Wealth’s perspective.
I believe positivity should prosper us
But whether it does or it doesn’t I’m already as wealthy as possible.

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