Yes You Can



Yes You Can Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

I’m not an A1 student you could do it!
They took literature from me, screw it!
Hated to read books that’s the truth!
Told read to write good but I blew it…
Clearly out the water!
Got the Commonwealth’s recognition
Best Kittitian and Nevisian composition.
The year before I got a commendation;
That’s two years in a row just so you know.

So educate yourself!
English teacher once told me writing’s not my strength.
Suppose I got to showing she thoughts so eloquently written; no excuses!
We don’t choose our start
But we determine where you’re going.
Struggles will come
But the web’s not just for fun.
Boundless information, pick your prefered methods.

Learning’s not just a thing for school
First of all it’s entertaining, who knew?
Anything, anywhere, anytime, opportunity’s all around you.
Pursue understanding unendingly.
No matter what’s your interest that’s how you get your degree.

So open up that door you’ve tried before,
Values and passion as the keys I guarantee you’ll love what’s behind it
When you’re educated, reality, you can design it!

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