High Time


High Time Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

The earth has cared for me for ages,
At this stage it’s high time I repay it
I’ve played it close to dah chest, no need for a vest!
Now I’m advocating changes,
So of course I had to change…

Like my attire, the situation requires something that can withstand the shitstorm –
The norm – from those who don’t think before they talk – matter-of-factuality don’t think
at all.

Boy oh boy! I wish we had more thinkers!
And stop praising the bulimicly-educated regurgitating information!
What do they contribute
When to be handed their degree is the only time they stood for something

I’m teeth sucking – (strupes!)
Struggling to come to grips with the reality that assaulted my mind,
While trying to awaken the complacent
Who can’t see they’re worthless since the advent of internet.
We praise information retention what of application?
Not apps! [Oh geez!]

Our potential as humans and the tiny fraction we’re using is a disgrace.
Refute that for me!
But if you find it’s true wake up and help me.
The earth needs us,
We need us,
We can do so much good but we’ve preoccupied ourselves with inconsequential
We need to put focus in consequential matters.

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