Reincarnated Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

I am the reincarnated,
Posthumously celebrated,
Highly decorated champion from the days when black folk got sacked for packing the front of the bus,
Back when blackness was violation enough.
I saw when the driver rose n part the bus.
I felt no fear, didn’t blink, flinch or budge.
It wasn’t about just me or just them,
Didn’t do it for the fame but for justice.


Because I am that cracker that Polly was never pleased with
Told em please quit your abuse of these niggas.
I’m no supremacist, I’m a supreme activist whose activities undoes his ancestors
George of the Jungle meh son! Heart of a lion.
Motivated to address issues that come to my attention.
Entertainment – proverbial detention –
I did good in school but flunked socialization.

I succeeded dah boys.
Which man comes next?
Ma ting is redefining intelligence
Cause these ladies and gents don’t seem to connect,
With the reality that now we’re all oppressed.

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