Frank Lee



Frank Lee Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

I’ll protect you from any harm girl!
Any harm in dis world!

Except maybe a centipede.
Ah fraid dem see!
Wha mek they gaw a hundred feet?
Well! Not me!

Sen’ rat, dog,
Fat hog,
Cat, lizard…
But not nuh centipede.
To sting me?

Oh really?!
Since you know wey de flit be, you go kill it!
Right here, on this table, I’ll be sitting,
Till you dun.
Have fun!
Tru I know a centipede in this house I nar gaw none till it gone.

I don’t care if you call Tyrone.
You best see if you can borrow a drone.
You believe we could get the Queen Of England on the phone?
Maybe she could send she grandson, you know, the military one.

Oh you gaw dis as fun?
Any how I see that thing I gun run eh.
They say, “every man for himself”, well, you ah woman.
Let know how it go because is you and you alone on dis one.

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