The Untitled Piece


The Untitled Piece Lyrics

Written by Ervin Welsh

Fuck it!


Listening still?
Or did I lose you at the expletive?
Some won’t hear a word past it,
Though my reasoning’s so sound I’ll start casting.

Curse words!
One more thing that divides us;
Another difference or matter of preference
Like race and diction, politics and religion;
It’s a wonder how we even find a mate considering, all the prejudice that contributes to filtering.


This piece doesn’t have a title
Because even there I’d lose you.
Either you’d love or love to hate the title I choose.
So to appease you I thought I’d tease you
Let you hear of couple lines before you decide if you don’t or do – love it.
Fuck it!

Mic check one two one two.
Am I getting through to you?
That second one was meant just for you
A test, to see if your preference would get the best of you.
So? Did it?
Did you get it?
Or were you too hung up on the way that I said it?
The message of plenty prophets is deemed verbal vomit
Because people only hear but don’t listen or care.

Some ignore what you say,
All but the way it’s conveyed.
Even digital versus print is a big ole debate.
They’re just different, a matter of preference
But we don’t appreciate similarities only sameness.

So Fuck it! I’ve said my piece
And if you made it this far but hate curse words then please continue on to another’s view
Because no matter how it’s delivered the truth is true.

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